The Association of the Collection Agencies in Bulgaria (ACABG) is the only professional non-profit organization that disseminates and promotes good practices in the debt collection industry in Bulgaria. The basis of our activity is to raise the financial culture of the Bulgarian citizens, to inform the consumers about their rights and obligations in case of overdue payments, and to provide unambiguous answers to their questions and complaints regarding collection agencies.

ACABG’s obligation is to clearly distinguish between ethical, moral and legal standards for performing debt collection. In this context, we abide by strict criteria for joining of each member to the association in order to ensure that our members comply with the legal requirements and the good practices in accordance with the Code of Ethics.


Five of the largest and well-established companies in the field of receivables management in Bulgaria founded ACABG in July 2011. In time, more than 10 companies in the branch have been joined by ACABG. With their experience, knowledge and market behaviour they have strengthened the important role of the Association as a leading factor in the collector’s business in Bulgaria. To date, ACABG covers 17 companies that hold over 80% of the country's debt management sector.

ACAB is a member of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA) since 2012. FENCA is the institution representing the interests of the European debt management business before the European institutions and lawmakers since 1993. FENCA members represent over 75% of debt collection agencies and hold 80% market share in the European Union, with over 100,000 employees serving more than 5 million customers.  In Europe, the debt collection and management sector annually returns back to the economy between EUR 44 and EUR 55 billion, thus ensuring the liquidity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU.

As of 2015, the Association is a member of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB). ACABG is active in the implementation of the Confederation's mission, and in particular - in improving the business climate in the country and increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy.


We are proud that since our founding until the beginning of 2017, ACABG reports growth of 66% of the employees in the member companies. For comparison: in 2011, 600 employees worked for us, and by March 2017 they have already become above 1000. Within one calendar year, the 15 companies in ACABG process more than BGN 1.5 billion of overdue debts, returning fresh money to the economy.

According to a survey conducted jointly with IPSOS Agency, from 2013 until the beginning of 2017, members of ACAB have purchased bad debts from various institutions, amounting to more than BGN 1.95 billion.

Statute of ACABG

Members of ACABG

  • EOS Matrix
  • EOS Services EOOD
  • Creditreform Bulgaria Ltd.
  • Mellon Bulgaria EAD
  • Cycle Credit Bulgaria EOOD
  • Caface Credit Management Services Bulgaria EOOD
  • FRONTEX International EAD
  • FRONTEX International Services EOOD
  • Debt Collection Agency Ltd.
  • MacroAdvance AD
  • Kredyt Inkaso Investments BG EAD
  • OTP Factoring Bulgaria EAD
  • Hit Inkasso EOOD
  • Agency for control of outstanding debts LTD
  • APS Bulgaria EOOD
  • SIS Control EOOD