Agency for control of outstanding debts LTD is a financial organisation, registered with the Bulgarian National Bank, with principal business activity “Acquisition of loan claims and other forms of financing (factoring) under item 12 of Article 2 (2) of the Bulgarian Law on Credit Institutions.     

The company is a function of factors to ensure good market positioning by implementing successful business model, built and developed over the years. The company aims to consolidate all activities, permitted under the Bulgarian legislation, relating to debt recovery from individuals and legal entities who have been in arrears for various periods.     

The mission of the company focuses on compliance with ethical and moral principles in conducting activities relating to negotiation and conclusion of agreements with our partners’ financially distressed and temporarily insolvent clients.

  • 29 "Panayot Volov" str., floor 3, 1527 Sofia
  • +359 2 444 10 10
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